This groundbreaking set of evidence-based standards is your blueprint to dramatically improve outcomes for individuals involved in the justice system due to substance use and mental health disorders. Representing 25 years of empirical study on addiction, pharmacology, behavioral health, and criminal justice, these Standards are the foundation upon which all adult drug courts must operate. They hold the keys to transform how the justice system responds to people in crisis.

Since the release of Volume I in 2013, 20 out of 25 states (80%) responding to a national survey indicated they have already adopted the Standards for purposes of credentialing, funding, or training new and existing drug courts in their jurisdictions.

I. Target Population

II. Equity and Inclusion

III. Roles and Responsibilities of the Judge

IV. Incentives, Sanctions, and Therapeutic Adjustments

V. Substance Use Disorder Treatment

VI. Complementary Treatment and Social Services

VII. Drug and Alcohol Testing

VIII. Multidisciplinary Team

IX. Census and Caseloads

X. Monitoring and Evaluation

A summary of NADCP's Adult Drug Court Best Practice Standards