Each September, Recovery Month promotes and supports new evidence-based recovery practices, the emergence of a strong and proud recovery community, and the dedication of community members and service providers across the nation who make recovery in all its forms possible.

Now in its 33rd year, Recovery Month is facilitated by Faces and Voices of Recovery and celebrates the gains made by those in addiction and mental health recovery, just as we celebrate improvements made by those managing other health conditions.

NADCP is proud to support the 150,000 people seeking recovery through treatment courts each year, along with the treatment court practitioners who are helping them on their journeys. Throughout September, we look forward to sharing special recovery-focused content and resources and seeing how treatment courts celebrate Recovery Month!

The Recovery Month online event calendar allows people searching for events in your community to find them easily; post your event so others can join! On social media channels, be sure to use #RecoveryMonth and tag our All Rise Facebook and Twitter accounts!

NADCP Recovery Resources

Sharing Your Treatment Court Story: A Guide to Help You Prepare

This guide was developed specifically for treatment court alumni to assist with telling their recovery story. It offers guidance on thinking about audiences, assistance with constructing their story, insight into the personal impacts of sharing, and tips on speech delivery and talking with the press.

Recovery Capital Worksheets

These worksheets are designed serve as a blueprint for treatment court participants to identify where they want to be in the future. They are meant to be completed as a joint effort between the case manager, probation officer, and treatment provider working with each client. They can be used at any point during a client’s participation in treatment court and are not meant to be completed all at once. We encourage teams to introduce these worksheets in stages as clients become stabilized in treatment and begin learning about recovery.

Painting Tyrone R - Monkies

The Art of Recovery

This year as part of National Drug Court Month, NADCP is hosted an art contest for treatment court participants and alumni! Art is a powerful tool for conveying the emotions and ideas related to recovery that may be difficult to verbalize. The Art of Recovery submissions were displayed in a special gallery at RISE22 in Nashville, Tennessee.

Click below to view a selection of the incredible submissions.


Recovery Capital and Treatment Courts: A New Approach to Improve Client Outcomes

Dr. Jacqueline van Wormer

This session will introduce participants to the concept and definition of Recovery Capital. The current research findings on the importance of assessing and building personal, social, and community capital to strengthen long-term recovery (long past the exit from drug court) will be reviewed. Teams will learn how to move these concepts into practice throughout their program, with a specific focus on applying the recovery capital framework in staffing and case management.


Peer Recovery Services: Breaking Barriers, Sharing Solutions

Julie Seitz LGSW, LADC | Beth Elstad

Using a multimedia approach, we will cover the fundamentals of peer-based recovery support services, and the need to shift from an acute care model to a recovery-oriented system of care (ROSC). Additionally, this session will demonstrate how they can be adapted in trying times to create new ways to connect to ensure individuals seeking or engaging in recovery have the opportunity experience connection and support.

RISE21 Session

Dare Them to Dream: Building Recovery Capital Step by Step

Carolyn Hardin

This session helps treatment court team members introduce participants to a lifestyle of recovery, challenging them to step outside what they see and build hopes and dreams for the future.

Below you'll find resources to help you plan and share Recovery Month activities and promote recovery in your communities: