NDCM Week 4

By Chris Deutsch / May 25, 2018

  This May, You Showed Us Justice For All Graduations, proclamations and celebrations. Community clean-ups, give-backs and fund-raisers. Balloon releases, block parties and sober socials. From coast to coast this month, you’ve shown the nation what justice for all looks like: compassion, recovery, stability, wholeness and healing. If you haven’t told us your story yet,… Continue Reading NDCM Week 4

NDCM Week 3

By Chris Deutsch / May 18, 2018

  The Celebration Rolls On From every corner of the country, treatment courts are holding graduations, community events, fundraisers and declarations, and it’s amazing to see. What is your program doing to celebrate? Keep sending us your submissions! Here’s just some of what happened during week 3: Support from Your State Officials Senator Manchin (D-WV) |… Continue Reading NDCM Week 3

NDCM Week 2

By Chris Deutsch / May 11, 2018

  Your Success Continues! We’re off and running for National Drug Court Month 2018! A lot of great activity and news is happening on Twitter; we hope you’ll chime in to the conversation! And thank you for your submissions; they brighten our week, and we’d love to see more of them. Here’s a roundup of events… Continue Reading NDCM Week 2

NDCM Week 1

By NADCP / May 4, 2018

Drug Court Month 2018 is off to a great start! We see your courts in the news already, and we enjoy reading your submissions as they roll in, telling us what your courts are planning this month. Keep them coming! Each week, we’ll share a roundup of your success. Here’s highlights from week 1: Featured… Continue Reading NDCM Week 1

Treatment Court Funding Available

By Chris Deutsch / May 1, 2018

  BJA Opens FY 2018 Adult Drug Court Discretionary Grant Program Solicitation Deadline: June 5, 2018 The Bureau of Justice Assistance (BJA) released the Fiscal Year (FY) 2018 Adult Drug Court Discretionary Grant Program solicitation. The grant program provides financial and technical assistance to states, state courts, local courts, units of local government and Native American tribal governments… Continue Reading Treatment Court Funding Available

National Drug Court Month Toolkit Released

By Chris Deutsch / April 11, 2018

Your 2018 National Drug Court Month Toolkit Is Here! Together, we will ensure Justice For All. Get ready: May is National Drug Court Month! This is the best opportunity we have all year to share with the world the success of treatment courts in transforming lives, restoring communities and advancing justice. This year’s theme is… Continue Reading National Drug Court Month Toolkit Released

ACTION ALERT: Contact Your Senators Today

By NADCP / March 28, 2018

Last week, we achieved a historic $165 million to help fund treatment courts for fiscal year 2018 (which ends September 30). Next week, Congress will begin to work on fiscal year 2019 funding (which begins October 1). We must ensure this historic level of federal funding continues, and your senators play a critical role. We’ve made… Continue Reading ACTION ALERT: Contact Your Senators Today

Historic Funding for Treatment Courts

By NADCP / March 23, 2018

  Historic Funding for Treatment Courts Today the President signed into law the funding for federal fiscal year 2018, which ends September 30, 2018. It includes a historic $165 million for the treatment court field, a 50 percent increase over last year. Department of Justice, Bureau of Justice Assistance (BJA): $75 million for the Drug… Continue Reading Historic Funding for Treatment Courts

Treatment Courts in National Spotlight

By Chris Deutsch / March 22, 2018

  Treatment Courts in the National Spotlight Every day, treatment courts around the country generate positive media coverage. Recently, several national stories highlighted treatment courts and exposed millions to your life-saving work. With National Drug Court Month right around the corner, we invite you to take a look and think about how your program may… Continue Reading Treatment Courts in National Spotlight

NADCP Adds Law Enforcement Track to Conference

By Chris Deutsch / February 23, 2018

NADCP’s Annual Training Conference offers more than 30 tracks and hundreds of hours of education. This year, NADCP is pleased to offer a record number of new tracks and sessions, including a new track designed for law enforcement. Protect and Serve: How Law Enforcement is Transforming the American Criminal Justice System offers law enforcement personnel… Continue Reading NADCP Adds Law Enforcement Track to Conference