Journal For Advancing Justice Vol. III Now Available

Emerging Best Practices in Law Enforcement Deflection and Community Supervision Programs

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For those of us who work in treatment courts and the larger justice system, we know the crucial roles played by both law enforcement and community corrections professionals. What we know less about, however, is the emerging field of law enforcement deflection and prearrest diversion, as well as what constitutes best practices for effective community supervision. In both areas, research, evaluation, and practical insight are needed to help shape an improved justice response to people with substance use and mental health disorders in our communities.

NADCP’s Journal for Advancing Justice is a peer-reviewed scholarly journal that provides evidence-based and promising practices on the most pressing issues facing the justice system today. We are thrilled to announce the publication of Volume III: “Emerging Best Practices in Law Enforcement Deflection and Community Supervision Programs.”

Funded by the White House Office of National Drug Control Policy, this volume addresses programs and interventions designed to assist individuals with mental health and substance use disorders who come to the attention of law enforcement and community corrections programs. It also analyzes community supervision practices to contribute to the research on effective strategies for probation, parole, and pretrial supervision programs. Through a range of articles written by both researchers and practitioners, this issue provides insight and analysis to assist justice professionals in identifying promising programs and interventions as well as areas that require further investigation to solidify them as best practices.

We hope this journal will be a valuable resource as you strive to better serve justice-involved individuals.

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