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For the second year in a row, alcohol-impaired–driving fatalities have dropped. In 2017, they dropped 1.1%, and in 2018, they dropped another 3.6%, to 10,511. These falling numbers are encouraging, and we know that DWI courts are helping ensure this downward trend continues.

But the truth is impaired driving remains one of the single most serious threats to public safety in the United States. Until the number of these completely preventable deaths hits zero, we have more work to do.

At the National Center for DWI Courts (NCDC), we understand that while prevention efforts, new technology and increased public awareness can help reduce impaired driving, it is critical that we also address the root problem for repeat, high–blood alcohol content and polysubstance drivers: addiction. That’s why we’re dedicated to helping communities implement, expand and improve DWI court programs that provide treatment and accountability based on research-driven best practices.

NADCP’s National Center for DWI Courts has released an Impaired Driving Prevention Month toolkit to help DWI courts ensure our fellow citizens and elected officials understand that these programs save lives, reunite families and make our roads safer.

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