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Congress Passes Veterans Treatment Court Coordination Act

On July 20, Congress passed the Veterans Treatment Court Coordination Act of 2019 and is expected to be signed into law by President Trump. The act ensures the Department of Justice and its Bureau of Justice Assistance (BJA) continues its outstanding leadership in advancing the veterans treatment court field and makes no changes to the existing veterans treatment court program at BJA. 

Since the inception of the veterans treatment court movement, NADCP has led the effort on Capitol Hill to secure federal funding and congressional authorization for the program. As a result, the Veterans Treatment Court Program was congressionally authorized in 2016. In the years since, NADCP and the veterans treatment court field have fought to increase funding. The current $23 million authorization from Congress is a testament to bipartisan support this effort has achieved. 

“NADCP is grateful for the strong support Congress has shown for veterans treatment courts,” said NADCP CEO Carson Fox. “Since the first veterans treatment court launched in 2008, it has been our honor to lead this movement.”

For over a decade, BJA has provided funding for communities to start and enhance a veterans treatment court, including supporting NADCP’s Justice For Vets in providing research-driven training and technical assistance. The Veterans Treatment Court Coordination Act demonstrates the widespread congressional support for this program and its importance to the veterans treatment court field.  

“The Department of Justice has been an incredible leader in supporting and sustaining veterans treatment courts,” said Justice For Vets Director Scott Tirocchi. “Justice For Vets is honored to assist their critical work by providing comprehensive, research-driven training and technical assistance to the veterans treatment court field.” Together, NADCP and Justice For Vets will continue to meet the needs of veterans treatment courts across the nation.