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Nominations are now open for the next class of the National Association of Drug Court Professionals Board of Directors. Board members are elected by the NADCP membership and serve for six years; the upcoming term begins summer 2019 and runs through 2025.

The current board’s Nominations, Orientation & Awards Committee is recruiting individuals with specific experience.¬†Preference will be given to individuals who:

  • Clearly demonstrate a commitment to the treatment court movement (includes adult and juvenile drug court, DWI court, veterans treatment court, family treatment court, mental health court, tribal healing to wellness court, reentry court, co-occurring disorders court, etc.)
  • Are recognized at the national and/or state level as having influence as a current or former federal and/or state elected official
  • Are members of national foundation boards, private-sector business leaders and/or experienced judges actively serving in treatment courts
  • Are recognized as having influence as a current or former defense attorney or prosecutor
  • Have professional experience in successful non-profit fundraising

Nominees are not required to be an NADCP member. However, only NADCP members can submit nominations, and self-nominations are permitted.

Nominees are reviewed by the Nominations, Orientation & Awards Committee, approved by the full board and then confirmed by members during the NADCP Annual Training Conference.

The deadline for nominations is September 14, 2018.

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