We’re only a third of the way into National Drug Court Month, but we’re already blown away by the news coverage, graduations, social media campaigns and creative events taking place across the country. Remember, we have two more thunderclap social media days (May 15 and May 29), so let’s keep up the momentum and make May loud and proud for treatment courts!

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Senators and representatives from California, Georgia, Idaho and Indiana all helped us kick off National Drug Court Month by tweeting their support, touting the positive impact treatment courts have had in their own states and nationwide.

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Family treatment court in Texas. Juvenile treatment court in Ohio. Mental health court in Michigan. Adult drug treatment court in Washington. These incredible events demonstrate putting families back together, healing communities and bringing hope to those who were once lost in addiction. These are just a few of the graduations so far this month, and we can’t wait to see more. Want to get the media to cover your graduation?

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Back for its eighth year, Franklin, Tennessee’s popular Eat the Street Food Truck Festival benefits the 21st District Recovery Court, raising funds and awareness to support the program’s lifesaving work. The event grows larger every year! 

Kentucky’s Barren/Metcalfe County Drug Court participants handcrafted Mother’s Day cards and flower pots for local nursing home residents. What a great example of using National Drug Court Month as a means to inspire community service and outreach! Need some creative ideas for your event?

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Governors in Tennessee, Virginia and North Dakota all signed statewide proclamations declaring May as Drug Court Month. We’d love to see more governors take this step to publicly affirm the work of treatment courts in their states. Using our sample proclamation makes it easy!

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All across this country, people are being given their second (or fifth, or tenth) chance to turn their lives around through treatment courts, and you’re making sure their voices are being heard. From “One Year in Ohio’s Drug Courts” to “New Jersey Drug Court Success Stories,” these videos don’t just show the ups and downs of addiction and recovery; they’re changing the way we think about and dispense justice in America. Thank you for giving your participants and graduates a platform to help others by sharing their experiences!