The Art of Recovery

Once again, as part of National Treatment Court Month, we will host an art contest for treatment court participants and alumni! Art is a powerful tool for conveying the emotions and ideas related to recovery that may be difficult to verbalize. Submissions will be displayed in a special gallery at RISE23 in Houston, Texas and online at

Contest Rules

  1. Entries may only be submitted by using the online submission form below. The submission deadline is May 31, 2023.
  2. Entries must fall into one of the following categories: photography, poetry, or painting/drawing.
  3. Limit one entry per artist per category (up to three total per artist).
  4. RISE23 attendees will vote on the entries, and first, second, and third prizes will be awarded for each category.
  5. Mailed entries are discouraged. If you need a special exception, click here to contact us

The Art of Recovery

Please complete this form to submit your work for the Art of Recovery.

Below are the winning submissions from 2022, followed by a selection of all submissions.

2022 Photography Winners

1st Place Photography Alyssa B - Stronger Together

1st Place
Alyssa B.
Stronger Together

2nd Place Photography Nichole H Oregon Life

2nd Place
Nicole H.
Oregon Life

3rd Place Photography Eric G - Serenity Boat Sunset

3rd Place
Eric G.
Serenity Boat Sunset

2022 Drawing/Painting Winners

1st place Painting Ronnie W - Ride it Out 1

1st Place
Ronnie W.
Ride it Out

2nd place Painting Drum Lawrence H - Out of my Shell-New Identity

2nd Place
Lawrence H.
Out of my Shell

3rd place Painting Jon E - Addiction Within

3rd Place
Jon E.
Addiction Within

2022 Poetry Winners

1st Place Poetry Laura V - Mental Health

1st Place
Laura V.
Mental Health


2nd Place
Serena W.
My Unconquerable Soul

3rd Place Poetry Thomas M - Re-Arrange

3rd Place
Thomas M.

2022 Juvenile Winners

JUV 1st Place Athena S - Everything will be okay

1st Place
Athena S.
Everything Will Be OK

JUV 2nd Place Gary T - Untitled Juv 32

2nd Place
Gary T.

JUV 3rd Place Trace F - Untitled Juv 30

3rd Place
Trace F.