Get Media Coverage

Positive media coverage is crucial for building public support for your program and ensuring continued funding.

Your program’s graduation ceremonies are newsworthy and the perfect opportunity for positive coverage. Click below to access our guide for getting media to cover your event.

Designate media coordinator and spokesperson

  1. Media coordinator: The media coordinator is responsible for identifying and contacting media for your court
  2. Media spokesperson: The spokesperson is the individual providing quotes and interviews to the media. The spokesperson must be knowledgeable about your court and able to speak from a position of authority. This is often the judge but could be another key member of the team.

Write your press release. Click here for a sample.

Identify outlets to contact. Don’t limit your list to local media; state and regional media may also be interested. If you’ve worked with reporters in the past, or know of reporters covering criminal justice issues, reach out to them directly. Otherwise contact the outlet and ask for the assignment desk.

Send your press release. Send out your press release to media via email 5-10 days prior to the event. Include the release in the body of the email, not as an attachment.

Follow up. Don’t be afraid to make repeated calls to follow up. This is often what it takes to get noticed.

Send positive media stories to your members of Congress and other elected officials. Include both your representatives and senators. You can look up contact information for your members of Congress here.

Personal stories are critical. Ask successful graduates or participants nearing program completion if you can share their story. If they wish to remain anonymous, ask if you can do so without using their name or photo. If you choose to feature a success story from your court, remember that new participants are in a vulnerable stage and should not be profiled by the media.

For assistance with media outreach and interviews, contact Brooke Glisson, NADCP associate director of communications, at 571-384-1862 or [email protected].

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