The Center for Advancing Justice helps countries and territories implement evidencebased legal and health system improvements that address the underlying causes of crime, reduce reoffending, and strengthen communities.

We use our PEOPLE framework to guide our assessment, training, and technical assistance work with both adult and juvenile legal and health systems across the globe.

Obtain input and secure buy-in from key stakeholders—individuals, communities, and organizations—that stand to be impacted by or will help facilitate change.

Engage stakeholders in productive dialogue and develop a thorough understanding of local history, demographics, culture, resources, strengths, and gaps.

Use in-person observation, interviews, system mapping, and data analysis to understand how the legal and health systems currently operate and identify opportunities to enhance practices.

Assess national and international legal frameworks to ensure that improvements can be developed in accordance with applicable legal constraints.

Use multiple training methods including virtual instruction, e-learning modules, individual coaching, and in-person training, to engage stakeholders and support effective implementation of improved policies and practices.

Support and train legal and health practitioners in robust data collection procedures and evaluate new practices and policy changes to measure the success of justice system improvements over time.


We begin with a thorough legal and health systems assessment using proven tools and methods, and we establish partnerships with key stakeholders and local leadership to increase buy-in.

We then leverage our unparalleled subject matter expertise to deliver customized technical assistance to support the planning and development of effective alternatives to incarceration and other interventions—particularly for individuals with substance use and mental health disorders—and we carefully evaluate and monitor results.

Using the PEOPLE framework, we will help you implement improvements and reforms that make legal systems more restorative and health systems more effective. During all phases of the process, we employ a cross- sectional team of in-house experts and in-country specialists to assist in system assessment and implementation of improvements and reforms.

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The Center for Advancing Justice may be able to help you build improved legal and health system responses to individuals with substance use and mental health disorders. For more information, please contact NADCP Chief Development Officer Aaron Arnold.