Members of the NADCP Board of Directors are nominated and elected by the NADCP membership and serve for six years. Board member terms begin and end at the close of the annual conference.

NADCP Promise
Champion proven strategies within the judicial system that empower people to change their lives.

2019-2020 NADCP Executive Committee

Hon. Bruce Williams (chair)
South Carolina Court of Appeals
Columbia, South Carolina

Hon. Karen Freeman-Wilson (vice chair)
City of Gary
Gary, Indiana

Dr. Lisa Shannon (secretary)
Associate Professor of Social Work
Morehead State University
Morehead, Kentucky

Ms. Mary Kay Hudson (treasurer)
Deputy Director
Indiana Office of Court Services
Indianapolis, Indiana

Hon. Michael Barrasse (past chair)
President Judge
45th Judicial District
Scranton, Pennsylvania

Hon. David Aronberg
State Attorney
15th Judicial Circuit
West Palm Beach, Florida

Hon. Michael Joiner
Judge (retired)
Alabama Court of Criminal Appeals
Birmingham, Alabama

2019-2020 NADCP Board of Directors

Chief Mike Bosse
Chief of Police
City of Georgetown
Georgetown, Kentucky

Hon. Jeri Cohen
Circuit Judge
11th Judicial Circuit
Miami, Florida

Mr. Adam Gelb
President and CEO
Council on Criminal Justice
Atlanta, Georgia

Mr. Brock Hunter
Criminal Defense Lawyer
Law Office of Brockton Hunter P.A.
Minneapolis, Minnesota

Mr. Marc Levin
Vice President, Criminal Justice Policy
Texas Public Policy Foundation
Austin, Texas

Hon. J. Wesley Saint Clair
Chief Judge, Juvenile Court (retired)
King County Superior Court
Seattle, Washington

Mr. Gary Tennis
National Alliance for Model State Drug Laws
Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

Sen. Tom Umberg
Umberg/Zipser LLP
Irvine, California

Mr. David Wertheimer
Adjunct Faculty
University of Seattle
Seattle, Washington

Emeritus Board Members

Hon. Stephen Manley
Superior Court Judge
Santa Clara Court
San Jose, CA

Hon. Louis Presenza
President Judge (retired)
1st Judicial District
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Hon. Robert G. Rancourt
District Judge
10th Judicial District
Center City, Minnesota

Hon. Robert Russell
Buffalo City Court
Buffalo, New York

Hon. John Schwartz
Supervising Judge (retired)
Rochester, New York