NADCP is the premier training, membership, and advocacy organization for the treatment court model, which now includes over 3,000 programs found in every state, four territories, and over twenty countries.

Since 1994, NADCP and its divisions—the National Drug Court Institute, National Center for DWI Courts, and Justice For Vets—have trained hundreds of thousands of professionals spanning the legal, clinical, psychosocial, and law enforcement fields.

NADCP regularly publishes cutting-edge, research-based materials—including the groundbreaking Adult Drug Court Best Practice Standards—and the association works tirelessly to improve the response of the American justice system to people with substance use and mental health disorders. Why? Because there is too much at stake.

NADCP is a 501c3 organization. This is why we do what we do:

NADCP Promise
Champion proven strategies within the judicial system that empower people to change their lives.

About Treatment Courts

Board of Directors


Advancing Justice

Job Bank





Kenneth Arnold

Project Director, NDCI

Cary Banner

Conference Coordinator

Anne Caron

Project Director, NDCI

Anna Chiang

Training Coordinator

Alexis Clark

Training Coordinator

Kristen Deutsch

Director, Membership

Melissa Fitzgerald

Director, Advancing Justice

Carolyn Hardin

Chief of Training & Research

Greg Loeffler

Public Affairs Associate

David Pelletier

Project Director, JFV

Mike Soussi-Tanani

Associate Director, Conf.

Tonya Voelker

Director, Legislative Affairs

Jennifer Columbel

Chief of Public Affairs

Meyling Diaz

Training Coordinator

Carson Fox

Chief Executive Officer

Jaimonese Hooker

Operations Manager

Jennifer Lubold

Director, Conferences

Doris Perdomo-Johnson

Project Director, NDCI

Maj. Gen. Butch Tate

Chief Counsel

Terrence Walton

Chief Operating Officer

Imani Cooper

Training Coordinator

Jennifer Duever

Training Coordinator

Brooke Glisson

Associate Director, Comms.

Daryl Jackson

Project Director, NDCI

Janet McCuller

Chief Financial Officer

Vanessa Price

Director, NDCI

Jaliyla Tillman

Training Coordinator

Meisha West

Director, Human Resources

Chris Deutsch

Director, Communications

Jim Eberspacher

Director, NCDC

Bonnie Greenslade

Lead Training Coordinator

Lynda Knapp

Accounting Coordinator

Jontelle Niblock

Staff Accountant

Julie Seitz

Project Director, NCDC

Scott Tirocchi

Director, Justice for Vets

Shane Wolf

Project Director, NCDC



Chief Morale Officer

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