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3:15 p.m. – 4:30 p.m.D-1Incentives, Sanctions, and Therapeutic Adjustments: Truth or Consequences

D-2Census and Caseloads: A National Census of Problem Solving Courts & How Big is Big Enough
D-3Assessing and Treating the Brain on Drugs
D-4Using Case Management to Help Youth Progress Through Phases in Your Juvenile Drug Court
D-5Planning for Safe Care: What Your FDTC Needs to Know About Opioid Disorders and Serving Impacted Mothers and Their Infants
D-6NHTSA’s National DWI Court Survey
D-7Co-Occurring Disorders in Mental Health Courts
D-8The Evolution of a Collaborative Mental Health Court Model
D-9Advanced Issues: State, Federal, and Tribal Judges Working Collaboratively to Reach Common Goals
D-10Statewide Strategies for Drug Court Sustainability and Achieving Operational Excellence
D-11From the Needle to the Pen: Telling it Like it is! - Addicted to the Drugs or Addicted to the Lifestyle
D-12Working Effectively with Hispanic and Other LGBTQ Participants in Drug Court
D-13What Mama Didn’t Teach You: Identifying and Overcoming Challenges for Men Working with Women and Girls (For Men Only)
D-14Overcoming Sexual Trauma and Celebrating Recovery in Treatment Courts

Joint NADCP/Vet Court Con Session

Heroin and Prescription Opioids: On the Wrong Track

D-16Factors Associated with African American Non- Adherence to Buprenorphine-Naloxone Treatment

Staying True to the RNR Principles: How Integrated Technologies Keep Your Team On Track

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Alcohol Monitoring and Testing Technologies 101: A Primer for New Programs, A Refresher on Policies

This promotional session is created and presented by representatives of an NADCP corporate sponsor

D-19Going Beyond Compliance: Probation’s Role in Drug Court/Tribal Healing to Wellness Courts
D-20The Zealous Advocate? – Defining the Defense Counsel Role
D-21Progressive Policing & Its Impact on Urban Diversionary Court Programming


The Detroit Recovery Project: A Success Story in Building A Recovery Oriented Coalition to Support Your Participants
D-23Data, Evaluation, and Outcomes: What You Should Collect and Why