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1:45 p.m. – 3:00 p.m.C-1The Role of the Judge: Beyond the Black Robe

C-2The Multidisciplinary Team: All for One & One for All
C-3Essential Elements of Effective Community Supervision
C-4Communities of Practice: The NCJFCJ’s Juvenile
Drug Court Learning Collaborative
C-5Set-Up for Success: Why Your FDTC Team Needs The Barrier Boosting Powers of a Steering Committee
C-6How to Implement Research-Based Best Practices in Your DWI Court
C-7Building Your Referral Base for Mental Health Courts
C-8Responding to People with Mental Illness at the Pretrial Stage
C-9Keeping Families Together in Healing to Wellness Courts
C-10Working Wounded: Overcoming Professional Nearsightedness to Seeing the Full Picture in Ultra High Definition
C-11Data and Diversity: How Data Can Both Clarify and Confound Efforts to Identify and Rectify Racial, Ethnic and Other Disparities
C-12Latino Adolescents in Drug Court Treatment
C-13LGBQTI: Does Gender and Sexual Orientation Really Matter in Treatment Courts
C-14Addressing the Co-Occurring Disorders of PTSD and SUD in Drug Court Populations
C-15How’d You Do It? Understanding Drug Treatment Court Success Among Participants with Methamphetamine Use Disorders
C-16More Than Medications: Primary Components of Evidenced Based Treatment for Addictions

Cognitive Care Management for Specialty Courts

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Drug Court Odyssey

This promotional session is created and presented by representatives of an NADCP corporate sponsor

C-19The Public Safety and Public Health Connection: Treatment Courts Helping Participants Find Resources to Secure Essential Health Services
C-20The Judge and the Recovery Court Participant: Lessons Learned from a Recent Study
C-21Understanding Justice System Reform and How It May Impact Your Treatment Court


Understanding the Slogans, Traditions, Rituals, & Culture of Alcoholics Anonymous and Other 12 Step Fellowships
C-23The Next Step: From Performance Measurement to Performance Management