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8:00 a.m. – 9:15 a.m.GS-1Medication Assisted Treatment: Making it Real, Making it Work
9:30 a.m. – 10:45 a.m.A-1Target Population: Doing the Right Things, for the Right People

A-2Complementary Treatment and Social Services: First Things First
A-3Roles and Responsibilities for the New Drug Court Team or Team Member
A-4What’s Behind the Curtain?
New Research in Juvenile Drug Court Practices
A-5Effective Strategies to Support Families
Through Reunification
A-6Drugged Driving
A-7Mental Health Court A-Z
A-8Meeting the Need: Innovative Methods for Working with Court Involved Mental Health Consumers
A-9Native Americans and Intergenerational, Historical, and Modern Trauma: Beyond Addiction and into Healing
A-10Drug Court Judicial Leadership Initiative
A-11Minority Advisory Boards: A Strategy for Overcoming Barriers to Minority Recruitment and Success
A-12Disparities and Other Differences in the Diagnosis and Treatment of Mental Health Problems in African Americans
A-13Utilizing Trauma Informed Court to Reduce Recidivism Amongst Female Sex Workers
A-14Joint NADCP/Vet Court Con Session
Beyond Trauma-Informed: How to Become a Trauma Competent Court
A-15Marijuana and Alcohol: Why The Brain Doesn’t Care if They’re Legal
A-16Medication-Assisted Therapies: Using Medications for Treatment of Opioid and Alcohol Disorders

Keeping up with Opiates: Why Screening for Only the Opiate Class is Not Enough

This promotional session is created and presented by representatives of an NADCP corporate sponsor

A-18The Plumb Line of Performance Measures: How the Right Case Management System is the Tool for Success
This promotional session is created and presented by representatives of an NADCP corporate sponsor
A-19Risk Assessment: The New Fact Sheet
A-20Collaborative Justice in Treatment Courts: An Unlikely Alliance
A-21Bond Court Initiative - A Collaborative Practice to Identify and Divert Low Level Offenders
A-22Understanding Recovery: What It Really Means for Drug Courts
A-23Results You Can Count on: A New Review of Treatment Court Outcomes!