Conference At-A-Glance
Monday, July 15, 2013 - Concurrent Workshops
7:00 a.m. – 8:00 a.m. Drug Court Expo Open with Continental Breakfast Prince George’s Exhibition Hall E
7:00 a.m. – 5:30 p.m. Registration Convention Center Pre-Function
7:15 a.m. – 7:35 a.m. Come to Your Senses (Facilitated Meditation) Chesapeake JKL
8:00 a.m. – 10:00 a.m. Opening Ceremony Potomac Ballroom
10:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m. Drug Court Expo Hall Prince George’s Exhibition Hall E
10:15 a.m. – 11:30 a.m. Concurrent Workshops, Session A
A-1 Top 10 Drug Court Best Practices and More! What Does the Research Tell Us and How Does It Relate to the New Best Practice Standards? Maryland A
A-2 Family Drug Court Guidelines Chesapeake GHI
A-3 Exploring the Evidence: The Value of Juvenile Drug Courts (Sixteen Strategies and Effective Practice in Juvenile Drug Courts) Maryland 1-3
A-4 Mental Health Courts: A to Z National Harbor 3
A-5Why Address Co-Occurring Disorders? National Harbor 2
A-6 Cultural Competency 101: Back to the Basics National Harbor 4
A-7 Practical Lessons from Two Multi-Site Drug Court Evaluations Maryland 4-6
 A-8 Alcohol Potomac Ballroom ABCD
A-9 Critical Role of Risk/Need in Building Incentives and Sanctions Cherry Blossom
A-10 CBT for LEOs National Harbor 6-7
A-11 Immigration Issues Annapolis 3-4
A-12 Working with African American Values NOT Issues Annapolis 1-2
A-13 What You Need to Know to Become a Trauma-Informed Family Drug Court National Harbor 12
A-14 Sober Days: How to Achieve Them and What They Mean to Your ClientsBaltimore 1-2
A-15 Drug Use Today: “Legal High” Designer Drugs and Emerging Natural Substances Chesapeake 7-9
A-16 Fidelity to the Model: DWI Court and the 10 Guiding Principles Maryland D
A-17 Identifying Federal Firearm Prohibitions in Drug Courts Chesapeake ABC
A-18 Addressing Family Needs in Adult Drug Court Maryland B
A-19 The Tribal 10 Key Components Chesapeake 10-12
A-20 Five Ways to Wreck Your Career: Ethics for Treatment Providers National Harbor 10
A-21 Key Components of Veterans Treatment Courts Maryland C
A-22 Integrating Courts into the Behavioral Health and Criminal Justice Continuum through Sequential Intercept Mapping (SIM) Chesapeake 4-6
  A-23 Los Diez Componentes Claves y su Aplicación en Puerto Rico National Harbor 13
11:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m. Concessions for purchase available in Drug Court ExpoPrince George’s Exhibition Hall E
12:30 p.m. – 1:45 p.m.Concurrent Workshops, Session B
B-1 Dealing with the High Risk/High Need CaseloadMaryland A
B-2 The Family Recovery Program… Partnering to Impact Maryland Chesapeake GHI
B-3 Evaluating the Impact of Adding the Reclaiming Futures Approach to Juvenile Drug CourtsMaryland 1-3
B-4 What Does the Existing Research on Mental Health Courts Tell Us? National Harbor 3
B-5 Assertive Community Treatment: Going Beyond Mental Health – Application, Implementation, and Outcomes in Adult Drug CourtsNational Harbor 2
B-6 Leveling the Playing Field: Fairness to Disadvantaged Groups in Drug Courts (abbreviated version of SB-24)National Harbor 4
B-7 Who Doesn’t Love Data? Program Evaluation for Non-EvaluatorsMaryland 4-6
B-8 CocainePotomac Ballroom ABCD
B-9 Fundamentals of Incentives and Sanctions in Adult Drug CourtCherry Blossom
B-10 Community Supervision and SupportNational Harbor 6-7
B-11 Designing an ESL Program for Spanish-Speaking Drug Court Clients: Lessons Learned Inside and Outside the ClassroomAnnapolis 3-4
B-12 Update H.E.A.T.Annapolis 1-2
B-13 Evidence-Based Outcomes Producing Improved Outcomes: Incorporating Trauma Informed CareNational Harbor 12
B-14 Opiates: Their Use, Abuse and DetectionBaltimore 1-2
B-15 The Court is Calling and Wants to Know… Are You Sure?Chesapeake 7-9
B-16 The Reality and the Science for Separate Treatment Tracks for Drug and DWI OffendersMaryland D
B-17 4th Amendment UpdateChesapeake ABC
B-18 NIATx Model: How to Improve Drug Court Performance Measures Using Process ImprovementMaryland B
B-19 The Mystery of Risk: Drugs, Alcohol, Pregnancy, and the Vulnerable ChildChesapeake 10-12
B-20 Effective Assistance of Counsel in Problem-Solving CourtsNational Harbor 10
B-21 The Veteran Target PopulationMaryland C
  B-22 Telling the Media: How To Ethically Tell the Media of Your Drug Court’s Success Chesapeake 4-6
  B-23 Los Mejor Estándares de Práctica e Investigación de la Corte de Drogas Para Adultos National Harbor 13
  B-24 Building a State Association National Harbor 11
2:00 p.m. – 3:15 p.m.Concurrent Workshops, Session C
C-1Building A Treatment Team That Works Maryland A
C-2 Just Not Another Parenting Class – How Evidence Based Parenting Is a Critical Strategy for All Drug Courts in Meeting the Needs of Families Chesapeake GHI
C-3 Engaging the Schools in Juvenile Drug Court Maryland 1-3
C-4 Results From The NIJ Funded Juvenile Mental Health Court Study National Harbor 3
C-5 Case Management: Special Issues for the Mentally Ill National Harbor 2
C-6 Real Men Wear Pink: For Women Only National Harbor 4
C-7 The Latest Findings on DWI Court Outcomes and Practices: What Do We Know So Far? Maryland 4-6
C-8 Prescription Drugs Potomac Ballroom ABCD
C-9 Incentives and Sanctions: Practical Solutions to Get That 4 to 1 Ratio Cherry Blossom
C-10 On the Front Line: The Challenges and Rewards of Being a Drug Court Probation Officer National Harbor 6-7
C-11 New and Updated! Mental Health and Latinas: A Cultural Approach Toward Identification, Assessment and Treatment Annapolis 3-4
C-12 Enabling in the Black Community Annapolis 1-2
C-13 Assessing Need for Trauma Specific Services in a Mandated Population National Harbor 12
C-14 8 DUIs, 44 Months in Jail… then 1 Drug Court and 1 Woman’s Miraculous Recovery: A Close-Up Dialogue with a Chronic & Severe Alcoholic, Her Drug Court Team and their Innovative ApproachesBaltimore 1-2
C-15 The Importance of Testing for Substance Abuse, HIV and Hepatitis C Chesapeake 7-9
C-16 Female Drunk Drivers: Understanding the Population Maryland D
C-17 Jail Sanctions and Termination: What Process is Due? Chesapeake ABC
C-18 Experiential Activities for Treatment Maryland B
C-19 The Judge’s Role in Tribal Healing to Wellness Court Chesapeake 10-12
C-20 The Proactive Prosecutor in Problem-Solving Courts National Harbor 10
C-21 Role of Mentors in Veterans Treatment Courts Maryland C
C-22 Assessing Fidelity to the Drug Court Model Chesapeake 4-6
  C-23 Tribunales de Tratamiento de Drogas como política pública National Harbor 13
  C-24 Taking Your State Association to the Next Level National Harbor 11
3:30 p.m. – 4:45 p.m. Concurrent Workshops, Session D  
D-1 The Brain on Drugs Maryland A
D-2 Expanding Services to Children and Families in FDCs: Lessons Learned from the Children Affected by Methamphetamine Grant Program Chesapeake GHI
D-3 Seven Easy Steps to Community Engagement and Resource Development for Juvenile Drug Courts Maryland 1-3
D-4 Risks and Needs in Mental Health Courts National Harbor 3
D-5 Addressing the Needs of Youth with Co-Occurring Mental and Substance Use Disorders within the Juvenile Court National Harbor 2
D-6 LGBTQ Youth and Culture: Best Practices National Harbor 4
D-7 A New Tool for Tracking Screening and Admission of Clients into Drug Courts and Mental Health Courts Maryland 4-6
D-8 Methamphetamine Potomac Ballroom ABCD
D-9 Incentives and Sanctions in Family Dependency Treatment Court: Special Issues to Consider Cherry Blossom
D-10 Law Enforcement and Family Engagement National Harbor 6-7
Canceled D-11 Tapping into the Latino of Gender Responsive Services Annapolis 3-4
D-12 Black Trauma Annapolis 1-2
D-13 The Loneliest Heart: The Many Faces of Trauma National Harbor 12
D-14 An Introduction to Alcohol Monitoring Testing Technologies Baltimore 1-2
D-16 Predicting Risk for DWI Recidivism: An Overview of APPA’s Impaired Driving Assessment Maryland D
D-17 Reform of New York’s Rockefeller Laws: Lessons Learned Chesapeake ABC
D-18 Project Safe Start Nebraska-Child Relationship Assessments and Child/Parent Psychotherapy in Family Drug Treatment Court Maryland B
D-19 The Tribal Healing to Wellness Court Policies and Procedures Chesapeake 10-12
D-20 The Keys to Success as a Family Drug Court Judge National Harbor 10
D-21 Military & Veteran Cultural Competency Maryland C
D-22 Improving Drug Court Outcomes Through Pay-for-Performance Chesapeake 4-6
D-23 Supervisión Comunitaria National Harbor 13
D-24 The A,B,C’s of Meeting with your Members of Congress National Harbor 11
  Concurrent Workshops, Session E (click here)  

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