To access the survey Click here

If you provided an email address when you registered, you will receive an email message containing a link to the MeetingMetrics system. The link will provide you with access to the session evaluations and your certificate of attendance.

If you don’t have an email address or did not provide one when you registered – see the continuing education desk for assistance.

You must complete an online evaluation for each session you attended in order to receive credit.

After the conference, complete the post-conference evaluation. Upon completion of all evaluations, the MeetingMetrics system will prompt you to enter your bar or certification number in addition to identifying your credentialing state. Once completed, your certificate will become available for download and can be printed at your leisure.

In order to receive credits, all evaluations must be completed in the Meeting Metrics system by June 24, 2016. (Arkansas by June 13, 2016)

For questions or assistance with the automated system, please check with the continuing education desk or email Ann Wilson at [email protected]

If you registered onsite, allow 48 hours before you access the online survey.


Session Evaluations - The evaluation allows for multiple sessions to be completed at one time. Overlapping sessions cannot be selected. Once sessions are selected, session and speaker evaluations will be presented for each session. Click “>>Next” to move through each screen. Session evaluations cannot be edited once submitted.  When ALL session evaluations are complete, click “Remove Me/Continue” to stop daily auto reminder email messages. Once this is completed, the Post-Conference Survey will be available.

Post-Conference Survey – Complete the overall conference survey and click “Next>>” to continue to the Certificate information.

Certificates – To receive continuing education credit you MUST answer “Yes” to the question, “Do you want to receive a certificate?” and select “Next>>.” Once on the confirmation page, click the link, “Get My Certificate." Complete the form, selecting the state, and entering State Bar Number.

Each certificate must be acquired separately (CEU, CLE, and CJE). Clicking the link will open a page displaying the certificate. Mouse over the certificate and select the Save icon to save the certificate locally.  Click “Send My Certificate” to receive the certificate via email.

If you are licensed in additional states, repeat the process for each additional state.

If you need assistance acquiring a certificate, visit the Continuing Education desk or contact NADCP at [email protected] for assistance.