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Everyday local media runs stories of restoration and transformation in Drug Court:

Drug court gives fresh start

Florida Today - Melbourne,FL,USA

But thanks to the county's "drug court" program, the 36-year-old is a year and four months into sobriety...

Editorial: Kudos for Drug Court

The Daily News Online - Batavia,NY,USA

Multiply that by more than 200 people, over 10 years or 3650 days and you have just an idea of the success Genesee County's Drug Court has generated ...


But this is the way it should be: routing people away from prison as opposed to sending people whose criminality is treatable behind bars.
As drug courts spread across the world, new standards and best practices aim to hold them all accountable.
We should seek to expand the use of federal drug courts throughout the country for low-level drug offenses. These programs provide proven alternatives to incarceration for men and women who are willing to do the hard work of recovery, and it is my hope that, in the next five years, there will be an operational drug court in every federal district — with individual states following suit.
An iron fisted judge nicknamed 'Scary Mary' uses fear, tough love and humor to save addicts in her Michigan Drug Court.