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Current NADCP Openings:

Project Director for the National Association of Drug Court Professionals/National Drug Court Institute - Annals of Research & Knowledge (ARK); Alexandria, VA

With funding from the White House Office of National Drug Control Policy (ONDCP), NADCP is developing and implementing a systems-wide model for providing evidence-based services at each stage in the criminal justice system, from arrest through reentry.  Referred to as the Annals of Research & Knowledge (ARK) on Successful Offender Management, this model matches treatment and supervision services to participants’ risk-and-need profiles at each phase of criminal justice processing.

Deliverables over the next 2 years will include re-convening a national summit of more than 40 leading criminal justice organizations to continue working on the ARK Model, holding at least 3 state or county-level ARK summits per year, providing TTA to implement the ARK in at least 3 jurisdictions, and updating the ARK Model with exhaustive literature reviews. Other deliverables include development of an online curriculum on Medically Assisted Treatment (MAT) and overdose reversal medications.  

The successful applicant for the Project Director position will be responsible, among other tasks, for managing all administrative and fiscal aspects of the grant, convening and presenting at multiple stakeholder meetings, developing TTA curricula and materials, and assisting with literature reviews.  The Project Director will report to Dr. Doug Marlowe (Chief of Science, Law & Policy) for scientific aspects of the project and to West Huddleston (CEO of NADCP) and Carolyn Hardin (Senior Director of NDCI) for administrative and fiscal duties. 

The successful candidate must have demonstrated experience managing or directing large-scale federally-funded projects.  A firm working knowledge of and experience with the criminal justice system is also required.  Familiarity with the arrest, booking, court, community corrections/supervision, in-custody and prisoner-reentry processes is a must. Candidates must have a good understanding of the behavioral and clinical scientific literature related to “what works” with substance-abusing offenders. 

Exceptional platform skills in public speaking, training and group facilitation are required. Candidates must also have exceptional verbal communication and technical writing skills and be able to operate in a high-demand, product-oriented environment.



Current Openings around the U.S.:

The Federal Judicial Center is the federal courts' agency for research and continuing education. A nine-member board, chaired by the Chief Justice of the United States, determines the Center’s basic policies.

The Education Division designs and develops curricula to impart and enhance critical competencies tailored for federal court of appeals, district, bankruptcy, and magistrate judges and for federal judicial branch employees, including persons serving in clerk of court, probation, and pretrial services offices. Subject areas for judges include substantive and procedural legal topics, case and calendar management, ethics, and leadership and management. Subject areas for other court personnel include selected technical skills, ethics, and leadership and management. The division delivers education through a variety of means including: in-person programs to which participants travel; in-person programs conducted in courthouses for local participants; audio-, video-, and web conferences; programs and materials delivered over the courts’ intranet; and in printed publications.

The Center’s Education Division has an opening for one or more education specialists to develop in-person and web-based continuing education programs for judges, court managers and support staff.


Corrections Counselor (Probation Officer), Vancouver, WA

CLARK COUNTY’S District Court Corrections, located in Vancouver, WA, is seeking a CORRECTIONS COUNSELOR that performs professional interviewing, counseling, investigative and administrative work in the County Criminal Justice System.


For complete details and to apply on-line, visit our website at

This recruitment will be used to form an applicant pool to fill current and future regular and/or limited duration project vacancies over the next six (6) months.

The Corrections Counselor (Probation Officer) performs professional interviewing, counseling, investigative and administrative work in the County Criminal Justice System. Work is performed in the areas of sentencing alternatives and pre-trial intervention, and incumbents deal with inmates and offenders referred by the Courts to the various programs. Programs in which incumbents can expect to be involved include, but are not limited to, Probation, Alternative Detention, Release on Own Recognizance, Supervised Release, Specialty Court, Deferred Prosecution, Restitution, Work Crews, Jail
Programs, Employment, Education and Alternative Community Services. The duties involved require knowledge of law and justice systems with specific interpersonal skills. Main responsibilities are in the area of pre-sentence investigation; determining eligibility for release on personal recognizance; supervision and counseling of defendants under court order; court appearances on probation violations; casework activities relating to risk/needs assessment, resource referral and community resource development. Daily contacts are made with offenders, office staff, court and law enforcement
employees and collateral agencies in order to provide, clarify or obtain facts or information directly related to the work being performed. Assessment, training and counseling offenders is a substantial element of work in this position.