“I’ve had the privilege in my career of playing some wonderful places. I have to say, nothing I have ever done can compare with how much this event has moved me. And I want to thank you so much for letting me be a part of it.” - Daniel Powter


We closed out another historic NADCP Training Conference with an historic presentation on Adult Drug Court Best Practice Standards by Chief of Science, Law and Policy Dr. Doug Marlowe. “It’s time to take what was once a new grassroots field and move it into the echelon of a truly established mature profession,” Marlowe explained. “By developing Best Practice Standards we have now put ourselves at a level above any other behavioral treatment or criminal justice program. We are now in the company of medicine in terms of our procedures and principles and how we maintain fidelity to the model.” Watch Dr. Marlowe’s complete presentation and view NADCP’s brand new publication on Adult Drug Court Best Practice Standards by clicking here.


The crowd packs the hall again for the Closing Ceremony.


Before we could close out the conference with an incredible performance by rock star Daniel Powter, there was the important matter of inducting two new pioneers to the Stanley Goldstein Drug Court Hall of Fame. Named after the first Drug Court Judge, the Stanley Goldstein Drug Court Hall of Fame is the highest honor bestowed by NADCP.
This year, the membership of NADCP inducted Helen Harberts. “Helen is a giant in the field,” said NADCP COO Carson Fox. “She has taught thousands of us how to do Drug Court. As a Chief Probation Officer and as a Prosecutor, Helen has left as indelible mark on this field as anyone I have ever worked with in seventeen years.”

Upon receiving the award, Harberts remarked that it was the highlight of her professional career. “We are changing in the world one person at a time. It is the greatest sea change in criminal justice in our generation and it has saved thousands and thousands of lives and families. And it is all of you who make it happen. Thank you.”

Outgoing NADCP Board Chair Judge Robert Rancourt was also inducted into the Stanley Goldstein Drug Court Hall of Fame. As noted by NADCP Board Member Judge Chuck Simmons, Judge Rancourt has helped steer NADCP and the Drug Court movement into the future by helping to develop Drug Court standards, tirelessly advocating on Capitol Hill, and spreading the Drug Court model internationally.

“You people in the audience are my heroes,” Judge Rancourt said. “The actions of NADCP and your actions, are writing the history of the next generation and I thank you all by the bottom of my heart.”



L to R: 2013 Stanley Goldstein Drug Court Hall of Fame inductees Helen Harberts and Judge Robert Rancourt.


With that, it was time to enjoy some music. Following an introduction by Matthew Perry it was just Daniel and a piano on stage. He began by thanking the audience for letting him be a part of the last three days. “Nothing I have ever done can compare with how much this event has moved me.”



L to R: Daniel belts out his hit Bad Day. Board Member Judge Leonia Loyd snaps a pic while singing along.

Daniel began by playing his #1 smash hit Bad Day, which got the crowd singing along to every word. But it was his next song that brought some members of the audience to tears. He introduced The Whole World Around as a song written about recovery and he asked everyone to sing along with the chorus.



L to R: Daniel Powter talks about his song The Whole World Around. Incoming Board Chair Judge Keith Starrett joins in the standing ovation.


As he played the crowd stood and sung. An incredible end to an unforgettable three days.






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